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N9NE Furniture Group is a leading, NATIONWIDE office furniture distributor.

Our commitment lies in providing comprehensive office furniture solutions prioritizinG sustainability, affordability, and ergonomic design without compromising on style.
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At N9NE, we believe in creating workspaces that inspire productivity and comfort while reflecting the latest trends and industry standards.

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N9NE was created with the vision of expanding our network to more effectively serve the US market. We will continue meeting our customers' needs with our now unified national distribution network.


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Home office with aspen color desk and black metal legs with a gray office chair.
Office breakroom with round white tables and blue chairs.
Image of two gray task chairs
Three office chairs, one gray tub style lounge chair, one white modern style chair and one gray task chair.
Office with gray task chairs and light gray silver birch desks.
Two gray modern task chairs.
A rectangular conference table with 6 gray chairs surrounding it.
Three office chairs. One white task chair, one gray lounge club chair and one black task chair.

We offer a comprehensive range of office furniture essentials, carefully curated to align with trends, ergonomic standards, and customer needs. From versatile case goods to ergonomic chairs, efficient storage solutions, stylish accessories, and everything in between, N9NE offers an all-inclusive product range.

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